Contemporary figurative sculpture in bronze by David G Smith, sculptor of interior design, landscape corporate and private commissions. A method of fabrication is used to sculpt bronze figures of any size, it involves the beating of bronze or copper sheet to form original bronze sculptures, a sample can be seen to the left, the web site consists of several sections, one is devoted to my C.V. which is fairly straight forward, another lists galleries that have exhibited my works,a further sections give details of commissions that I have had the pleasure in being asked to create, and finally a piece on the method I use to create the sculptures, showing alongside each section are a few of the sculptures that have been created.

 Born in 1945, David spent most of his early childhood abroad in India, Egypt, Germany, and back to school in Britain, where he showed his interest in sculpture, with some carvings out of soap, followed by various wood carvings.
It was as a mature student in his twenties that he started some formal art training, at classes held by Leonard Boden R.P. for life and portrait painting. Followed by sculpture classes at an Adult Education College in London, learning many techniques that have helped him throughout 45 years as a sculptor
He received his first serious commission from the Colin Draycott Group Ltd, to create a sculpture of their logo called 'TEAMWORK', for their Leicester head-office foyer,and many more listed below.

36ins high.
In 1986 David moved to his Studio in the Cotswolds, where he was commissioned to sculpt two near life-sized dancers at rest, 'MELISSA' & 'CHRISTINE' sited within the grounds of a private estate, at Nether Lypiatt. This commission gave David the impetus to change direction, to more personal art forms, involving David's decision to try and create sculptures directly in bronze using bronze sheet, with this method he fashioned a series of masked dancing figures called, 'MASQUERADE'. Which he has had cast in limited editions by Pangolin Editions, a local bronze foundry. Other sculptures were created using his fabrication method, some were used as masters to produce more limited editions.  
 In 1994 David's first commission for the ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, was to produce six sculptures for their cruise liner 'LEGEND OF THE SEAS', the first of several commissions for R.C.C.L. They have all been sculpted using David's bronze fabrication technique, including the figure shown in the picture with David, to your right.
'JASPER QUANDRI' is one of a pair of harlequin figures outside the theatre of the cruise liner 'VISION OF THE SEAS'.
His most recent commission was for SINGAPORE AIRLINES, a beaten & polished copper sculpture, of a Lilly, part of the water feature in their luxury lounge at CHANGI AIRPORT.
David has recently been involved in creating in various kinds of wood, decorative carvings for the furniture, and interior design trades.


Unique fabricated bronze.
39ins high.
1979 - 1981    Chelsea Art Society,   LONDON.   Annual exhibitions.
1983               Pictureman Gallery,   London ;   One-man show.
1986 - 1995    Craft Centre and Gallery,   Painswick,   GLOS.
1987 - 1994    James Wells Gallery,   Banstead,   Surrey.
1988 - 1990    Garrat's Gallery,   Berkeley,   GLOS.
1990               Jonathan Poole Gallery,   Woodstock,   OXON.
1991 - 1994    The Eton Art Gallery.    Eton   BERKS
1991 - 1994    Les Gallery des Beaux Arts,    Ewell,    SURREY
1992               The Arts Bar ,   Wigmore St,   LONDON,    One-man show.
1992               Garden Sculpture Exhibition,   Gt Campston,   GWENT.
1992               Collier-Bristow, Exhibition,    LONDON.
1992 - 1993    Pangolin Editions Gallery,    Stroud,    GLOS.
1992 - 1993    Studio International,   Wertbury-on-Trym,     Avon.
1993 - 1994    Fiery Beacon Gallery,    Painswick,     GLOS.
1993 - 1998    Montpellier Gallery,   Cheltenham   &   Stratford
1994               Adam Gallery,    Bath,     AVON.
1995 - 1998   Comton Cassey Gallery,   Nr Cheltenham     GLOS.
1998               Objet D'Art,    Woodstock,     OXON.
1998               Beatrice Royal Gallery,    Eastleigh,    HANTS.
1999 -2000    Bournespring Gallery,   Stroud,     GLOS.
2000                Talks House Exhibition,  Martin,   HAMPS.
2004 -2006     Montpellier Gallery,  Cheltenham, GLOS.
2007               The Shambles Gallery,   Stroud,  GLOS     Two-man show.
2011 - 2013    Whittington Fine Art Gallery,  Henley-on-Thames, OXON.
2013 - 2016     The Art Gallery, Tetbury, GLOS. & on line see below


18ins high 24ins wide

27ins high

1984    GAMBIT, of Mildenhall. A series of busts of famous historical people, 
         presidents, prime ministers, composers, etc.
1985    COLIN DRAYCOTT GROUP Ltd, of Liecester. A sculpture of their company 
         logo  a pyramid of 10 men, called 'TEAMWORK'
1989    Dr & Mrs LAYTON, of Nether Lypiatt. Two dancers at rest, called, 
1991    ROKES Ltd. of Andoversford. Resting nude on a rock, for their range of 
         garden statuary.
1995/8  DECORA Ltd. of Gloucester. A range of small sports related sculptures 
         for the luxury gift market.
1994    ATC LOUDSPEAKERS, of Chalford. An art deco figure seated on a speaker
         as a point of sale attraction.
1994/5  ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, of NORWAY. Six fabricated bronze 
         jokers in costume for their liner 'LEGEND OF THE SEAS'
1995/6  ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, of NORWAY. Four fabricated bronze 
         dancers & clowns, for their liner 'GRANDEUR OF THE SEAS'
1997/8  ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, of NORWAY. Two fabricated bronze
         harlequin figures, for their liner 'VISION OF THE SEAS'
1998    SINGAPORE AIRLINES of SINGAPORE. A large fabricated copper sculpture 
        'CUPROUS NYMPHAEA'  for their first class lounge CHANGI AIRPORT.
1998    Mr L.SLATER, of LONDON, A fabricated bronze figure 'JESTER & BALL'
         situated in the foyer of his London home.
2003/04  LAWSON JOHNSON.  of Evesham. Carved finnials, for the interior decoration market.
2005/06  WESTON MITCHEL lTD.  of Cirencester. Carved figurative plaques for luxury furniture.
2006       CREATIVE COMPOSITES. of Yeovil. Carved coat or arms for The Royal Ballet School.
2003/07  McCORMIC-WEEKS.  of Cirencester. Carved finnials for the luxury interior decoration market.
1999/14  DECORA Ltd. of Gloucester. Decorative architectutal wood carvings, for interior designers.


 I thought to include a section on the method I use when creating the fabricated bronze sculptures, mentioned in other sections.
The process I use was really born out of the need to produce one-off bronze sculptures, where only one is required, commissions for example, saving the need for any foundry involvement.
The whole thing starts as with most artistic endeavours, on the drawing pad. I make an armature strong enough to be clad in plasticine, making up the shape that has been drawn, with little detail, as the model is just to serve as a 'tailors dummy', from which I make the patterns for all the parts that will make the whole sculpture.
All the pattern pieces are cut out, like a dress pattern, using these, I mark and cut out the sheet bronze pieces, they are beaten into shape, and fitted onto the 'dummy', till I have a complete 'suit of armour', when I am happy with the 'fitting', the pieces are removed, the lowest pieces first, they are welded onto the base, I carry on welding pieces till they are all fitted, the welds all cleaned off, ready to apply a finish, ie patination.
The picture shows the method, without welding the pieces to each other, but to an armature instead.

Unique fabricated bronze
figure, 22" high.











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